Tobias Room Policy

Community Room Policy



The Remington-Carpenter Township Public Library welcomes the use of the Roy and Fern Tobias Community Center by civic, community, cultural, educational, or religious organizations.  Use of the community room does not constitute library endorsement of the viewpoints expressed by participants in the programs.  The Community Center is operated by the Library as part of its community service.  In the use of the facility, Library functions will be precedence over all others.  The room is available for local groups with restrictions as noted below:


  1. No sales of products or services, except in conjunction with a library program.
  2. No admission charge may be made for any function held. Tickets may not be sold nor donations or free will offerings taken.
  3. Membership dues or registration fees covering the cost of materials or speakers for the meeting are acceptable.
  4. Commercial, industrial, or professional organizations may use the room for educational purposes, and for other purposes which do not involve the sale of goods or services.
  5. Scheduling shall be available on a first-come, first-served basis by calling or appearing at the Library during normal business hours. All reservations may not be made more than 3 months to the date in advance. For example: if you want to reserve the Community Room on February 19, you may reserve it any time after November 19. A responsible adult must fill out the Community Center Meeting Room Use form within one week from making the reservations in order to hold the reservation.
  6. No organization may schedule more than 4 meetings at a time.
  7. The library reserves the right to cancel any scheduled meeting when it conflicts with the operation for the library, or the group fails to comply with the meeting room policy.
  8. Publicity for a meeting by a non-library group in a library meeting room must not be worded in a manner which would imply the library sponsorship of the group’s activities.
  9. No group may assign its reservation to another group.
  10. No tobacco, drugs, or alcohol are permitted.
  11. Open flames (candles, matches, etc.) and red, orange, or purple beverages are not permitted in meeting rooms.
  12. Library dress code must be followed (shirts and shoes are required).
  13. A responsible adult must be in attendance whenever minors are present. Minors must be adequately supervised when present.
  14. Attendance at meetings is limited by room capacity and whether chairs only are in use or a combination of tables/chairs.
  15. The scheduling party may arrange chairs and tables to suit its needs and then return them to the original storage area before leaving the building. Furniture (sofa, chairs, and tables) in the southwest corner cannot be moved.
  16. Food and refreshments may be served. A small kitchen is available. The user is responsible for any food or beverage damage to the carpet.
  17. Starting January 2012 a $10 an hour with a cap of $50 a day will be charged. This charge will help with maintaining the room. $20 nonrefundable deposit will be paid upon reserving the room.       Any balance due will be paid when the key is picked up.
  18. Attendees must use the back parking lot first, before parking in the front of the library. The Stitz Funeral Home parking, if there is no visitation or funeral, can be used as overflow parking.
  19. Grounds, furniture, equipment, and other property must be properly cared for and returned to a neat and orderly condition.       Basic equipment will be provided to assist in the cleaning (rug broom, dustpan, trash containers, etc.)       Groups using the facility are responsible for the actions of those persons attending their functions and must take full responsibility for loss or damage to any library/community center property. Signatory of the Community Center Meeting Room form is responsible for cost of all damage. The signatory will also be charged $50 if the room is not left in a clean and orderly condition. Use privileges may be revoked.
  20. The key must be returned to the library by 1:00 pm. the next day after the community room was rented. If the key is not returned on time future privileges may be revoked.
  21. The Library is not responsible for damage or injury to any person or property occurring as a result of the group’s use of the facility. The Library assumes no responsibility for personal belongings of persons attending meetings or for injuries incurred during non-library meetings.
  22. The community center room is available for use from the hours of 7 am. through 10 pm.
  23. Bringing in of animals, insects, or other living organisms into the community room is not allowed except for service animals and animals being used as part of a library sponsored program.
  24. Exceptions to these requirements may be granted by the Library Board of Trustees or its designated representation.



Policy accepted on 4/3/06. Updated 8/7/06, 12/3/07, 9/6/11, 5/7/12.