Lending Policy

Remington Carpenter Township Public Library

Lending Policy



Lending Policy – General

New card holders are limited to two items at one time for a probation period of two months.


A cardholder borrowing material is responsible until the material is returned. Materials cannot be transferred to another person.  If material is lost or damaged a replacement charge will be billed to the borrower along with a handling charge.


  Loan Length Fine*
Books 2 weeks $.25/day
Audio Books-tape and CD 2 weeks $.25/day
Movies-Video and DVD 1 weeks $1.00/day
Magazines 2 weeks $.25/day
Music-CD 2 weeks $.25/day
Inner Library Loan varies  

* Not to exceed the replacement cost of the material.


Inter library loans may be requested by patrons in good standing.  There is no postage charge for each Inter library Loan requested.


Material may be renewed once. Items on reserve may not be renewed.  Inter library loan material cannot be renewed.  Items that are overdue more than 2 months may be considered lost and will be billed for a replacement.


Notices of overdue material and fines will be sent to all patrons in a timely manner.


A cardholder who owes a fine may not borrow any more materials until the fine is paid.


A person who has been delinquent on fines will be limited to one item at a time for a period of six months after the fine has been paid.


Any person failing to return material or who owes a fine on his card will have his privileges withheld until payment is made. Parents or guardians are responsible for their children’s material and debts.  Children will not be held responsible for the debts created by their older brothers, sisters, or parents.


State Law (IC 35 43 1 2, IC 35 43 4 3, and IC 35 43 4 4) provides for the prosecution of patrons holding long overdue materials.


No audio equipment or items in the Tobias room (such as tables, chairs, or kitchen items) may be borrowed).



Library Cards- Resident Cards

Any resident or property owner of Remington or Carpenter Township is entitled to library services and may apply for a library card, in person, at the Remington Carpenter Township Public Library.


Students in k-12 that live in the Tri County school system area are eligible for library cards.


To qualify for the library card an applicant must show a photo ID and proof of current address, and fill out an application form. Children under 14 years of age must have the signature of a parent or guardian.


Library Cards are free of charge to residents of Remington or Carpenter Township.



Library Cards – Reciprocal Cards

If the applicant is not a resident of Remington or Carpenter Township they may apply for a reciprocal card if they are a member of their home library.  The applicant must show their home library card and photo ID.  Then the RCTPL will call their home library to see if the applicant is in good standing.  If the applicant is in good standing the RCTPL will have the applicant apply for a RCTPL card and mark it reciprocal.



Library Cards – PLAC Cards

Any resident of the state of Indiana may apply for or renew a PLAC card.


Issuance fees for PLAC cards are determined by the State of Indiana.



Library Cards – Non-resident Cards

Issuance fees for non-resident cards are determined by the State of Indiana.



Printing Fees

Copy Machine – $0.10 per page

Printer – $0.20 per page


Policy accepted on 4/3/06.  Updated 5/7/07, 11/2011, 12/2012.